What Is The Purpose Of Tile Grout?

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What Is The Purpose Of Tile Grout

What Is The Purpose Of Tile Grout?

It’s impossible to fit tile without the correct grouting.

Despite its necessity, it gets very little attention, never mind kudos for the incredibly important facet it carries out.

Grout Keeps Tiles In Place

Grouting allows us to place our tiles so they are clearly level.

If we were to use glue, the tiles could easily come loose.

Grout is much like cement, although it is much more porous.

If the grout is well maintained, your grouting will last as long as your tiles.

Otherwise, it can chip and fall out, causing the tiles to collapse.

Grout Minimalises Bacteria Buildup

The reason we use sealant over the grout is to ensure no bacteria can become entrenched inside it.

The last thing you want is for your grout to fall out.

You won’t have a beautiful tile wall for long if that happens!

Grout Enables You To Create Lasting Patterns

Grout allows you to place your tiles so they won’t move.

This allows artists and theatres to create any kind of design they can imagine — from simple patterns to full-blown mosaics.

Fitters have a special spacer they use to ensure the tiles are at perfect levels.

Try fitting tiles without these tools at your own risk!

Grout Can Become Part Of Your Tile’s Personality

Although you may not have seen it often, it is actually possible to dye the colour of your grouting to contrast or complement the tile colour.

If you work with us, we can open your eyes to the design possibilities when it comes to fitting your tiles and grouting.

What Type Of Grout And Tile Are Best For Your Next Home Improvement Project?

No tile job can be completed without grout.

It’s what holds the tiles together and, if colour dyed, can even tie together the design elements of your room.

To get a free consultation, call us anytime.

Alternatively, see our tiles flooring services page for more information.

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