What Is The Best Flooring For Dogs?

Sep 11, 2021 | Vinyl | 0 comments

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What Is The Best Flooring For Dogs?

Our furry friends get excited when we return home, when it’s dinner time, or when we look at them funny…

Watching them get excited is part of the joy of owning a dog, but it’s somewhat less joyous when we find the scratches they leave on our floors.

If you want to maintain the quality of your floors, you’ll have to discover a way to reduce the damage your dog does to it.

In the article below, we reveal six ways you can make that a reality.

Six Tips To Keep Your Dog From Scratching The Floor

There are six methods to help prevent your dog from scratching the floor.

1. Trim their nails often

Although it’s tempting to take your dog down to the pet salon to have their nails trimmed, it’s more convenient for you to be able to do it yourself from home.

An extra tip is to trim the hairs between the paw pads too as this will help your dog to remain steady and not slip.

2. Take your dog for a walk

Taking your dog for a walk will naturally trim their nails.

The exercise will help expend any excess energy they may have so they will be less likely to spend it inside where they could damage your floor.

Walking your dog also helps build the bond between you and helps improve their physical health — as well as your own.

3. Wear protective boots or rubber nail protectors

The popularity of pet clothing accessories has exploded in recent years and it’s extremely easy to find fashion accessories that will also help protect your wood flooring.

Some of the trendier versions have rubber bottoms that prevent your dog from sliding over the hardwood surface.

Your dog will almost certainly have to spend time getting used to this type of footwear, but persevere and have patience.

But some dogs never get used to the booties and might benefit from an alternative…

After you trim your dog’s nails, you can add rubber casings to them that helps keep your floors safe from abrasive marks.

4. Use carpet runners

Most dogs have a favourite spot in the house.

Oftentimes, they will become more excited in certain areas.

Protect your hardwood flooring by placing rugs in those spots.

Common areas include the entrance corridor where you enter after work and the kitchen, specifically around the food bowl.

5. Clean your flooring

It may not come as much of a shock to you, but having dogs also means having more dirt and dust, which requires more cleaning on your part.

You will need to develop a strong habit of cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors.

6. Get your flooring finished

Sometimes, there isn’t much more you can do to help protect your floors from dogs.

Sometimes, the floors can protect themselves — by getting them refinished.

With coats of polyurethane, your floors will look just as attractive but will be more like laminate with its protective layer on top.

This will stop your wood flooring from becoming damaged, while also allowing your dog to be ass excited as they want, and without you needing to worry about your flooring.

We hope you enjoyed this article, and if you would like to discuss it further, call us for a free consultation about your floors.

Alternatively, visit our wood flooring services page for more information.

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