What Is The Best Carpet For Bedrooms?

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carpet for bedroom and stairs

What Is The Best Carpet For Bedrooms?

Selecting the right carpet to feel on the soles of our feet at the beginning and end of each day is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves.

It can improve our mood and sense of comfort.

To learn how to select the right carpet for you and your bedroom, check out the guide below.

We’ll cover which styles are best and everything you need to know about choosing a carpet.

Carpets For Bedrooms: What To Consider

Carpet is the number one flooring choice for most people.

However, with so many styles of carpet to choose from, where do you even begin?

By considering some very important things that you must consider before making the final decision on your bedroom carpet:

1. Carpet Style

It’s no good selecting a style of carpet for your bedroom without considering the elements already there.

Try to make your carpet fit the style you already have.

2. Carpet Colour

Do you want a sophisticated view for an adult bedroom?

Or perhaps something more stylistic and colourful for your kid’s room?

A good idea is to select a neutral colour that will work no matter who occupies the room.

3. Carpet Comfort

Carpets come in a range of piles, densities, and thicknesses, and they will each change your mood and perception first thing in the morning.

Carpets are generally cosy and provide superior comfort underfoot compared to other Berber flooring options.

4. Carpet Fibre And Material

We’re very lucky in the modern world to have so much choice.

But it can also cause headaches.

Knowing what you want from your carpet in terms of style and comfort will prove invaluable as you survey the options.

5. Carpet Costs

Make sure to have a budget in mind before beginning to shop for your bedroom carpet.

It’s better to have a budget range rather than a single number as it may fluctuate depending any offers that may be on.

Consider also that the materials used to create the carpet will drastically affect the price tag.

Still, even the most expensive carpets are less pricey than even the lowest level hardwoods.

6. Carpet Eco-friendliness

Buying superior carpet also provides better air quality while you sleep.

You can rest assured that all of our carpets are environmentally friendly.

The Best Carpet For Bedrooms

Some rooms of the house will experience a great deal of foot traffic and the carpet you choose to fit those floors will vary accordingly.

Your bedroom is different as it will see little usage, and the carpet you choose should be as luxurious as you can afford.

Comfort is key.

However, if you have young children who will visit your bedroom often, you may want to choose a more hard-wearing fabric.

Here are some of the best characteristics for bedroom carpets to have:

1. High Pile Carpet

Piling refers to the height of the carpet fibres.

Generally, higher piles are better for low-traffic areas.

Higher pile carpets offer a great deal more luxury and comfort and also have a noise-dampening effect.

2. Plush Carpeting

Plush or texture carpeting refers to how the fibre is constructed.

Generally, bedrooms benefit from plush carpeting that hides stains and dirt but feels comfortable and soft underfoot.

3. Berber Carpeting

This may not be as luxurious as plush carpeting but it’s still a good option for bedrooms.

Berber carpeting is also known as loop carpeting.

This is the better option for kids rooms or homes with pets.

It can cope with higher traffic and is more durable as a result.

4. Pattern Carpeting

Pattern carpeting utilises a method of weaving two types of fibres together to create a pattern in the carpet.

It adds some visual interest and a level of sophistication that may not be seen with other carpet types.

5. Thick Carpet Padding

Carpet padding adds a cushion to the underside of the carpet.

You may be wondering why you shouldn’t add this to every room with carpet.

After all, isn’t it better to have a soft cushion underneath our feet at all times?

Yes, but not in high traffic areas where the padding will

get beaten down over a shorter period of time.

To learn more information about our carpet fitting services, check out our services page, or call us directly for a free consultation.

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