Vinyl Tile Flooring Vs. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

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vinyl tile flooring vs vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl Tile Flooring Vs. Sheet Vinyl Flooring

There are two forms of vinyl flooring on the market today:

Sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles.

New forms of vinyl flooring are known as “Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF)” but they are very different to the two listed above, which are considered more standard.

Vinyl flooring has been the number one choice for locations in the home where moisture is prevalent.

It is an entirely inorganic material, rendering it virtually water- and mould-proof.

These two forms of vinyl flooring share many of the same strengths, but there are enough differences to make them better suited for different uses.

Major Differences Between Vinyl Tile Flooring And Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Both sheet vinyl and vinyl flooring are similar in make up and performance.

They both consist of a thin PVC plastic core attached to a soft base layer and topped with a unique design of your choosing.

There is an extra transparent layer on top which is there to protect the design layer underneath.

Sheet vinyl comes in a 6 or 12-foot roll and can be trimmed to whatever size you require.

It’s for this reason that it’s one of the best flooring materials to protect your floors against moisture; with no seams, no moisture can get through!

Vinyl tile is identical to vinyl sheet except for the fact it comes pre-cut in smaller square pieces.

Although it’s easier to fit than sheet vinyl, the fact there are multiple seams makes it less water-resistant.


Despite the ability to have vinyl printed in virtually any design imaginable, the cost of vinyl is very low.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl is for design enthusiasts as it makes it much easier to use if you have a design pattern in mind that does not repeat.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

If your desire is to replicate ceramic tile or stone, vinyl tile is the better option.

It has already been cut and can more easily mimic those designs with its seams on show.

PLEASE NOTE: Standard vinyl sheets and tile designs will never successfully mimic other materials such as stone or wood.

Only the more expensive Luxury Vinyl Flooring can achieve that effect.

Water And Heat Resistance

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl is much better for keeping moisture at bay as it has fewer seams.

This makes it perfect for wet rooms such as bathrooms.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Although the vinyl tile itself is immune to moisture, the seams between each tile means moisture could seep in if the seams aren’t adequately prepared.

Care And Cleaning

Sheet Vinyl Flooring And Vinyl Tile Flooring

Both vinyl tile and vinyl sheets are very easy to clean and maintain.

Daily sweeping and occasional mopping is all that’s required.

In times past, vinyl flooring needed to be waxed, but no longer!

Floor cleaning has never been easier than this!

Durability And Maintenance

Although durable, vinyl flooring is not invincible.

In fact, in places where it sees extremely heavy usage, it may need to be replaced every decade or so.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sections can be cut out and replaced, but the seams will be noticeable.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

The benefit of tiles is the ability to replace them if they’re damaged.

Simply place the injured tile and you’re done!


Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl is usually fitted to the floor using glue.

It’s rolled onto the base of the vinyl sheet and then placed on the floor.

However, the difficulty comes when having to put two or more pieces of sheet vinyl together.

It’s a very tricky endeavour, and most customers are best advised to seek the aid of professional services.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl tile seems perfectly made to be used and fitted by DIY enthusiasts.

It’s best practice to draw lines where the tile should be placed first.

A few choice cuts may need to be made once the walls are reached.

A gluing method as sheet vinyl may be possible but in modern times, a peel-and-stick method has become super popular.

However, there is a disadvantage with peel-and-stick as these adhesives aren’t as effective as the earlier mentioned glueing method.

The peel-and-stick method is so prevalent today that you may need to hunt to find the vinyl floor tile design you want without the peel-and-stick bottom.


Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl can be mass-produced and sold for cheap.

You will not find a cheaper flooring method anywhere!

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl tile is a little more expensive than sheet vinyl but as you can fit it yourself, you do not need the expense of hiring a professional.


Sheet Vinyl Flooring And Vinyl Tile Flooring

Generally, you can expect to get a decade out of your sheet vinyl but some have been known to last for two decades or more!


Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl comes in rolls of 6 and 12-foot, and these sheets can be cut to any size you wish.

Vinyl Tile Flooring

Generally, vinyl tiles range from 9 to 18 inches in width.

Comfort And Sound

Sheet Vinyl Flooring And Vinyl Tile Flooring

These materials are generally cold and hard, especially when fitted over a concrete subfloor.

Resale Value

Sheet Vinyl Flooring And Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl has always been considered the economy level flooring option.

It is worth noting that if you’re worried about resale value, Luxury Vinyl Flooring may be a better option.

The Verdict: Sheet Vinyl Flooring And Vinyl Tile Flooring

As you can see, both sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles have their strengths and weaknesses.

They’re economical yet durable.

If you prefer to fit your own floors, vinyl tiles are the better option, but if you have a room where moisture could be a problem, vinyl sheets are better.

We hope you enjoyed the comparison between the two standard flooring types.

You can claim your free consultation by calling us at any time or check out our vinyl flooring service page.

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