Tips To Protect Floors And Large Appliances

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modern kitchen Tips To Protect Floors And Large Appliances

Tips To Protect Floors And Large Appliances

There are many heavy and large appliances permanently fixed in the kitchen and laundry rooms.

Over time, due to their heavy weight, they can cause dents and ridges in your flooring.

It gets even worse if they vibrate.

In addition, it may be necessary to move these heavy appliances, so you may want to take some extra care when placing them.

How To Protect Your Flooring From Appliances

Be careful when having the appliances installed.

When the delivery man comes with your new appliances, ensure they come with the proper protection.

They should also have a dolly to move the heavy appliances around.

They should not carry the appliance as they may drop it, or shift it side to side to move it across the floor.

You want as little damage to your floor as possible.

Also, when cleaning your appliances, it is worth investing in the proper tools so you can reach under the appliances without having to shift them every time.

Keep Your Appliances Level

Make sure the floor under your appliances is perfectly level when installing.

Even a slight tilt can cause great damage in the long term.

Place A Barrier Between Your Appliance And The Floor

One of the simplest ways to protect your floor from damage is to have a simple piece of wood between them so the appliance is not touching the floor directly.

Anti-vibration pads will also be available from many stores in your town.

These will help prevent your appliances from scratching your floor.

Keep Your Appliances In Good Repair

Old and damaged appliances often vibrate more which can put added pressure on your floors.

If your appliance requires a water source, it is also possible that it could spring a leak and cause damage to your floor.

Always call out for repairs as quickly as possible the moment you notice any errors.

Try To Place Your Appliances On Hard Surfaces

Ideally, you’ll put your appliances on hard floor types such as tile.

Tile is designed to cope with heavy amounts of water as well as heavy weights.

If you’re looking to install the ideal floor to cater for your heavy appliances, make sure to call us.

We offer a free consultation to new customers and you can check out our services page for more information.

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