PEI Ratings For Tile

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PEI Ratings For Tile

PEI Ratings For Tile

Porcelain and ceramic tiles come in a variety of types based on their individual applications.

Some are made to be fitted to walls, others to floors, and others yet can be used on both surfaces.

Others come with suggestions on the kind of texture, design, and finish of the room they should be placed in.

These suggestions are provided from the Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI).

This identification number describes the durability and hardness of the ceramic product on offer.

The PEI rating doesn’t describe every element of a tile.

It doesn’t describe its surface type, how slippery it might be when wet, nor its fracture strength.

It only describes the tiles’ surface layer.

How PEI Ratings Are Determined

The PEI rating is discerned by the use of a special machine that records how many revolutions are required before marks appear on the tile’s surface.

Understanding The PEI Ratings

The PEI ratings are distributed on a 0-5 rating.

Each designation carries specific instructions for their usage:


May be used on walls, but never underfoot.


May be used for residential purposes, but never underfoot. (A typical usage might be in a shower.)


Walls and some floors. (This rating is often used in the whole home bathroom.)


Countertops, floors and walls and floors that get normal foot traffic.


May be used in all locations, so long as the amount of foot traffic is within normal usage of bounds. A good general-purpose tile for all home uses.


All rooms.

Choosing The Right Tiles

As you can see, it’s very useful to have such a chart when deciding which tiles to use in which rooms of your home or business.

For example, Class 0-1 will break easily underfoot, while Class 5 is so heavy that glue might fail to hold it in place on a wall.

The PEI rating tool is not the only thing to consider when purchasing tiles.

Tiles in the 0-1 rating may be thinner and have more elaborate designs while Class 5 tiles may be much stronger but less ornate in design.

Also, those higher up in the ratings tend to have a limited number of textures.

To learn more about the tiles you’re considering for your home or business, the company selling the tiles will have a list of information you can peruse at your own leisure.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that not all companies share the same information.

Sometimes, they share the ideal location of the tiles, while others are more transparent and will present you with all the information you could want.

To learn more about our tiles flooring service, check out our service page, alternatively, call us directly for a free consultation.

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