Paint Colours That Go With Natural Wood Flooring

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Paint Colours That Go With Natural Wood Flooring

If you’ve had wood flooring fitted in your home, you’ve no doubt been wondering how you should design the rest of your room to complement your gorgeous wooden boards.

One way is to paint your walls with colours that bring out your floor’s magnificence.

One way is to select a colour of paint that really makes your flooring shine.

Read the article below to help narrow down the many options for your room design.

How To Match Wall Colour With Wood Flooring

Always begin with the floor.

It’s likely the most expensive element in your interior design and every other element ought to work to make it shine.

Look specifically at the wood colour and pull inspiration from it to help decide how you’ll select the best paint colour.

Choose neutral colours

Neutral colours not only help you avoid distracting visitors from your magnificent floor, but they tend to go well with every other type of decor too.

Use contrast

Alternatively, you could go in the complete opposite direction and go for dramatic, bold colours.

Bear in mind the powerful effectiveness of cool and warm tones jockeying for position.

Choose a matching shade

Make your design more cohesive by pulling out the colours from your hardwood floor and establishing it in other items in the room.

Consider your furniture and decor colours

Depending on your desired effect, you could use colours that either complement or contrast with your wood flooring.

Design an accent wall

You could have one whole wall blocked out in your favourite colour rather than having it on every wall, which might prove overpowering.

A single painted wall will create a focal point for your visitors.

Best Paint Colours For Light Wood Floors

Light wood floors create the illusion of spacious rooms due to their bright colourings.

The following colours work best on light hardwood floors:

  • White or off-white

White really does go with anything and will give your room a powerful modern look.

However, white can be quite abrasive, so if you prefer a warmer colour, consider off-white or soft yellow, which will also add to the warmth and cosiness of the room.

  • Gray

Gray comes in a variety of shades, so it’s best to consider whether you want a warmer or colder tone.

Gray is also a colour that works well with most other colours.

  • Beige

Beige plays well with warm-coloured flooring and creates an inviting atmosphere.

  • Taupe

Taupe is an extremely common colour that can cater to virtually every form of lighting you might have in your room.

  • Griege

Griege is a lighter form of gray.

It conveys peace and tranquillity and can serve as a base for the other colours you might have in your room.

Good Wall Colours For Dark Wood Floors

Contrast is the name of the game when it comes to dark hardwood flooring.

First of all, look to where the lighting will come from and how much of it there is.

With dark wood flooring, it’s all too easy for it to overpower the light and cast a dark shade over the entire room.

Here are some of the best colours that go well with dark wood flooring:

  • White or off-white

Yes, here it is again!

Your dark wood flooring will have a very striking appearance already, so adding white to contrast it with can be a little overpowering.

But a little cut here and there can really set it off.

  • Gray

As gray is a mixture of white and black, it tends to work with any other colours too.

Gray comes in a multitude of shades, so you’re sure to find one that really takes your dark wood flooring pop.

  • Bright colours

Bright colours will really contrast with dark flooring.

We suggest light blue or a subtle green to offset it the most, as it will create a complimentary design.

Best Wall Colours For Gray Wood Floors

Over the past few years, gray wood flooring requests have become more and more common.

To be on the cutting edge of this creative design element, here are the colours that go well with it:

  • Blue

With a gray floor, blue can really create a cohesive design as they’re both fairly cool colours.

  • White

Here it is again!

As we have expressed previously, white works with any colour.

  • Green

Pale greens will dampen down the coolness of the gray flooring and bring a little warmth to your room.

Best Wall Colours For Cherry Wood Floors

Cherry hardwood flooring is absolutely gorgeous.

Fainter, more neutral colours will not bode well with this flooring as it requires a bold hand.

Colours that go well with cherry hardwood floors are:

  • White or off-white

You must be tired of reading this by now!

White will add real crisp elegance to the dark wood floor.

  • Green

The contrast with cherry wood flooring with green will create a powerful contrast in your room.

  • Blue

Many shades of blue go well with cherry hardwood flooring. Just pick up a swatch and see!

  • Red

Ensure to use a darker shade of red to use as accents — not the dominant colour.

We hope you enjoyed this rundown of design ideas for your hardwood flooring.

Be sure to and take advantage of our free consultation.

If you require more information, make sure to check out our wood flooring .

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