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Do you love the look of wood floors but can’t face the price tag? Do you dream about tile floors but detest the thought of having to clean the grout over and over again? Then laminate wood flooring might just be the perfect solution for you.

From sleek, modern tile to seasoned, textured barn hardwood, laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles perfect for your Ipswich home. Broadloom is ready to fit your laminate and give your home the update you — and it — deserves.

What are the benefits of laminate wood flooring?

Capable of enduring virtually anything thrown at it and a total breeze to take care of, laminate wood flooring is the ideal choice for any room.

Laminate is manufactured in a series of layers. The base is made from melamine, the top from durable plastic sculpted to look like real wood or tile. Sandwiched between them is a middle layer of fiberboard. The patterns found in laminate are flawless and without variation, creating a sense of perfection that can never be found in natural wood.

At less than half the cost of hardwood flooring, laminate is one of the most economical options for any home. It’s also much cheaper than tile or carpet. In addition, laminate is extremely durable. It resists dents, stains, scratches, and won’t fade in direct sunlight. It’s the perfect choice for an active and bright home.

Another tremendous benefit of laminate is the fact it works just as well in any room. Unlike wood or carpet that don’t perform well in areas where they might get damp, laminate is water-resistant and will remain unaffected. Some laminate varieties are 100% waterproof.

Laminate is also the easiest floor type to clean. It never needs to be waxed or polished like wood or tile. A broom and mop are all you need to keep your floors clean. Laminate leaves nowhere for allergens, dust, or mold to hide. Your home will always be healthy and safe.

Other varieties of floor are not good for your joints after standing for sustained periods of time. Laminate is not one of them and allows you to stand for even extreme periods of time.

In addition to its numerous benefits, laminate also aids in protecting the environment. Unlike wood that requires the harvesting of natural trees, the production of laminate is a very eco-friendly process. Laminate can also be installed on top of your current floor! This prevents the need to send rubbish to the landfill.

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How can you ensure your laminate wood flooring is fitted correctly?

When it comes to fitting laminate, the choices can be mind-boggling. Based on the type of flooring you choose, there can be many different varieties to choose from:

  • Some laminate fittings require no glue, while others need it for every piece. Other forms of laminate come ready-made with glue attached to the bottom.
  • There are even some varieties of laminate that don’t require an underlayer, while others come as standard. And there are yet others where the underlayer must be bought separately!

Don’t let the sheer scale of the options paralyze you. Your flooring fitter can help explain which is best for your particular needs.

Please keep in mind an incorrect fitting can turn your economical remodel into a pricey nightmare. When not fitted correctly, laminate can separate through a process called “gapping” or else squash together to create ridges known as “peaking.” These fitting errors allow liquid to coalesce under your floor and damage both the laminate and subfloor underneath. Working with an experienced fitter will ensure these are issues you will never have to deal with.

Who can install laminate wood flooring in Ipswich?

Broadloom is your elite laminate wood flooring team in Ipswich. Our experienced fitters will walk you through every step of your renovation project. From aesthetic choices to fitting styles, we’re here to make your dream come to life. Whether you’re looking looking for a modern look that can withstand the pressure of your kids or a rustic vibe that doesn’t take forever to clean, we have the perfect laminate for you.

Laminate is the ultimate option for durable, life-resistant flooring that works with any budget. Pick up your phone and call us at 01473 943200 to take advantage of our skills and start planning your durable floor fitting today.

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I’m thrilled with the terrific job Broadloom did with my hardwood floor. Fast, reliable, and very fairly-priced. I’ve already recommended them to friends and family! I’m now saving up to have my bathroom re-tiled!

Natasha C.

broadloom ipswich flooring fitters 5 star rating

Amazing job with the hardwood flooring. It looks like something in a fancy magazine! Will be using them again for sure.

Beth Roberts

broadloom ipswich flooring fitters 5 star rating

Our new carpet is super soft and luxurious. Broadloom started the job on time and finished early! Highly recommended.

Evan Whitehead

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