The Janka Hardness Rating Scale For Wood Flooring

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The Janka Hardness Rating Scale For Wood Flooring

The Janka Hardness Rating Scale For Wood Flooring is how the wood for flooring purposes is gauged in relation to their hardness levels.

Of course, the Janka Hardness Scale is not the only thing you need to think about when selecting the ideal wood for your floor, but it is part of the puzzle that is selecting your ideal wood flooring.

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What is the Janka Hardness Rating?

Gabriel Janka worked for the US Department of Agriculture’s Forest Products Lab and designed a scale that tested the comparative hardness of wood.

A steel ball is pushed into similarly-sized planks of wood.

Based on the pressure each one requires to become embedded in the wood, their Janka level is determined.

How Important Is The Janka Hardwood Scale When I Buy Flooring?

Most of the time, a level of 1000 is suggested for hardwood flooring.

It’s a useful guide, but the truth is the scale is not perfect.

First, it doesn’t take into account how hard it is to saw the harder varieties of wood, which could considerably add to the cost of fitting wood flooring.

Neither does it take into account the hardness of wood after it’s prepared and finished.

These days, we have the option of engineered wood, and when combined with multiple layers, can actually add up to greater strength than a single piece of hardwood.

The Janka Scale doesn’t predict the effect of moisture or intense heat or cracks within the wood itself.

We hope this has been educational and will prove useful when you come to selecting your wood flooring.

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