Is Laminate Flooring Good For Your Health?

Aug 29, 2021 | Laminate

fitting wood laminate flooring with a hammer and glue

Is Laminate Flooring Good For Your Health?

When someone makes the decision to redecorate their home, it’s usually due to the bewildering effect they hope it will have on their friends and family who see it for the first time.

“How will they react when they first enter the renovated house?” they think. “What will be the focal points and what will the conversation be about? Will they share their opinions with others? Will they visit again just to re-live that feeling of amazement?”

These are the questions that frequently run through our minds when we think about updating our homes.

Everyone wants their home to stand out, but how do you do that?

One simple solution is laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring has become extremely popular in recent years, and for good reason.

It can be found decorating the floors of homes, offices, and many public spaces around the globe.

Many people love the look of natural wood but don’t want the hassles and headaches that come with having to maintain it.

Laminate is extremely cheap and very simple to install, and comes with a host of health benefits.

Read the article below to discover the main points that laminate offers your home.

1. Easy To Clean

These days, many people suffer from dust allergies, and even if they don’t, no one wants to be breathing in clouds of dust on a regular basis.

When given the opportunity, dirt and dust has the ability to attract bacteria, which in turn can become disease, threatening your health over a period of time.

Laminated wood flooring often comes pre-installed with the ABC feature (that’s Anti-Bacterial Coating).

It prevents the growth and accumulation of bacteria and germs so no serious illnesses can develop.

It’s also extremely easy to clean and very simple to maintain.

All laminate requires is for any settled dust to be swept up and mopped.

2. Hypoallergenic

Every so often (usually on slow news days!), a story is circulated in the press — LAMINATE FLOORING IS TOXIC! BEWARE!

Rest assured this is just a scare tactic to encourage you to purchase a more expensive option instead.

Laminate doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals such as wood preservatives, formaldehyde, or chlorine that can trigger allergic reactions.

Not only that, but those chemicals also provide the perfect environment for dust mites to gather and form unhygienic environments in your home.

Laminate flooring completely removes this concern as these harmful elements can’t congregate and proliferate on its surface, ensuring your floors are very safe for those who spend the most time on them:

Toddlers and young children.

They’re the ones most likely to put their fingers in their mouths after crawling over the floor, but with laminate, there’s nothing to worry about.

3. Simple To Maintain

Laminate flooring is a dream to maintain for all those too busy or uninterested in cleaning for hours at a time.

Still, you do need to do some cleaning from time to time.

First of all, sweep the floor at least once a week to keep it clear of sand particles and dust that may, over time, scratch the surface of your laminate floor.

When mopping, make sure to use only a semi-damp mop and avoid sloshing water over the laminate floor.

If you purchase cheaper laminate flooring, ensure it’s perfectly dry after mopping as moisture can cause the boards to swell, which may lead to rupturing.

This rupturing effect can be dangerous as it’s very easy to trip and hurt yourself, which can lead to more serious injuries.

This is easily remedied by fitting high-quality laminate brands that have significant water-resistant properties.

This will ensure your new floor remains dry throughout its lifetime and minimise any damage in future.

Although laminate flooring is simple to install, you may want to recruit the help of a friend or two — every extra hand helps!

Still, we always recommend you hire a skilled professional who can rule out any potential issues you might face in the future.

If laminate wood is something you’re interested in installing in your home, visit our laminate services page for more information.

Please note not all laminate is made of the same high-quality materials, so make sure to check out our guide on how to gauge the quality of any laminate wood you consider purchasing.

In addition, get in touch with one of our team if you have any further questions.

We’re standing by to help you!

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