How To Make Wood Floors Less Slippery

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Make Wood Floors Less Slippery on a kitchen floor

How To Make Wood Floors Less Slippery

There are several ways to make wood floors less slippery:

1. apply anti-slip coating
2. clean the floor regularly
3. add carpet runners to steps and fix in place
4. wear rubber-soled footwear

To learn more about these options, please read the article below.

Wood Floor Finish

Careful maintenance of both hardwood and engineered wood can greatly extend a floor’s life — often by up to 10 times!

So you can see the benefit in taking care of your floors!

The three best finishes to help make a flawless slippery are:

i. oil finish
ii. wax finish
iii. lacquer finish

Oil Finish For Wood

You might assume oil makes every surface slippery but you’d be wrong.

The truth is, oil is one of the best finishes to apply to a hardwood or engineered floor to reduce slippage.

Not only that, but oil will penetrate deep into the wood and make it more flexible, allowing it to bend and flex under harsh weather conditions.

This is especially useful for homes with active children as they tend to take the heaviest toll on floors.

However, an oil finish doesn’t prevent footfalls from falling on the hardwood surface, so damage is still possible.

This means further maintenance will be required over the years, including sanding and refinishing.

Lacquer Finish On Wood And Wax Finish Wood

These two finishes are grouped together as their strengths and weaknesses align.

Wax and lacquer by themselves will have all the same characteristics as oil finishes but with one very real additional disadvantage: They don’t help reduce a floor’s slippage.

But there are other ways to make your floor less slippery.

Other Methods To Help Minimise Slipping

Alternative methods exist to help keep your floor from being slippery:

Anti slip floor finish

These coatings are available in many stores — for both indoor and outdoor flooring.

Typically, two layers are added that each requires 10 hours to be laid.

A welcome bonus is that these layers often do not have any impact on the colour of the wood underneath.

Keep the floor clean

By keeping the dust, dirt, and debris from accumulating on your floor, you can help reduce the chances of slipping.

Wear sensible footwear

An often overlooked yet extremely effective method of making your floors less slippery is to wear appropriate footwear.

Use household slippers or rubber-soled shoes and avoid wearing socks or hard-bottomed shoes.

We hope this article was useful.

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