How To Make A Room Look Bigger With Carpet

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How To Make A Room Look Bigger With Carpet

There are many visual tricks you can use when using carpet in a small room to make it appear bigger than it really is.

First of all, you need to ensure the style, pattern and colour of the carpet works well with the room’s current design.

Read the article below to learn more about how to make your small rooms appear bigger.

What Colour Carpet Makes A Room Look Bigger?

Some carpet colours make a room appear larger by creating either visual interest or harnessing natural light.

Here are the best colours for carpets to create that aesthetic:

1. Light colours

Light colours reflect natural sunlight, drawing the viewers eye outwards, creating the illusion of greater space.

2. White Or Off-White

The benefit of white carpet is that it automatically matches any furnishings you already have.

3. The Room’s Existing Colours

Here, you have two choices. Either choose a different shade from the same family of colours or intentionally offset it with a contrasting colour which will add boldness and visual interest.

4. Blue Or Green

Blue or green naturally draws from nature and creates an automatic calming atmosphere. It also stimulates the part of our brains that suggests we’re in a room

much larger than we really are.

5. Neutral Tones

Living rooms, family rooms, and games rooms are often among the busiest rooms in the home. Beige, light grey, or sandstone work well to reflect light and make these rooms appear larger.

Best Patterns For Small Rooms

Complex carpeting patterns have been shown to make visitors think those spaces are smaller than they actually are.


Because it takes longer for the brain to process the intricate details of the complex carpet pattern.

Focus instead on simple and plain carpet colours and patterns as carpet should not be the focal point of the room, but help contribute to it.

Here are some very good carpet patterns for a small room to appear larger:

Tone On Tone Carpet

Tone on tone carpeting utilises modest shading methods.

It’s visually more attractive as it draws attention not to the carpet but to the surrounding elements, such as the furniture.

Cut And Loop Carpet / Structured Grid Carpet

Cut-loop carpeting involves slicing some of the loops, which gives the carpet more texture.

It draws just enough attention from the viewer without distracting them completely from the main focal points.

It’s best to stick to these plain and simple colours and textures and avoid harsh and bold ones, which only create distractions for the eye.

Types Of Carpet For Small Rooms

Wall-to-wall carpeting is the best method.

Other styling for your carpet revolves around the height of the carpet as well as the material used.

Here are some carpet styles you may want to consider:

1. Berber Carpeting

This style of carpeting was made to complement furniture and walls.

Often, it comes in a neutral colour with darker spots.

2. Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet is a type of cut-and-pile carpeting.

This style involves making the carpet loops more tufted and creates a more distinctive look for a small room.

It may be worthwhile furnishing your entire home with this carpeting to create a cohesive look.

3. Saxony Carpet

Saxony carpeting is also another form of cut-and-pile carpet.

It’s most often seen in bedrooms as it has a luxurious feel to it.

4. Textured And Plush Carpet

This form of carpeting is best suited to bedrooms due to its comfortable and fluffy texture.

Sometimes having a comfortable carpet gives a room an inviting atmosphere.

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