How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Vinyl Plank Flooring cleaning in outdoor section

How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring (VPF) is extremely hardwearing and durable but you can extend its life by cleaning it frequently.

Get into the habit of sweeping the floor each night before bed and mopping it each weekend.

Stray dirt and shards of stone can easily scratch and damage your Luxury Vinyl Plank surface.

Read the article below to learn how to prolong the life of your Luxury Vinyl flooring.

Dust Mops For Plank Floors

The first step in cleaning any type of hard flooring is to sweep.

Sweep all the dust and dirt up because when we hit the mopping stage, it can combine to become a muddy mixture that causes all sorts of problems including mould, curling the planks, or even loosening the adhesive glue.

Make sure to use a dry microfibre mop during this initial stage.

Even waterproof flooring cannot withstand large amounts of water over long periods of time.

The use of water and cleaning products should only really be necessary with the most stubborn stains.

Dry microfibre mops are the ultimate tool in removing all dust and dirt types, including those hard-to-reach places like under tables and distant corners.

Brooms are effective tools for this process but may not be able to sweep up all the tiny dust mites.

A dustpan and find brush are much better tools for this.

These tiny particles are harmless until pressure is added to them by stomping feet.

This can cause great damage to the protective layer of your vinyl flooring.

Can You Vacuum Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Yes, hoovers can be used to clean Luxury Vinyl Flooring — but it’s important to use either a hoover designed specifically for cleaning hard floors or using the additional tools that come with the cleaning equipment.

Light hoovers are all that is necessary to make cleaning a simple and easy process.

We suggest using those with rubber wheels as they don’t leave marks.

Many upright hoovers come with hard floor settings or additional tools that can be swapped out.

You’ll want to ensure you’re not using the beater bar as this can scar your flooring in very short order.

Wet Mops For Plank Floors: When And Where To Use Them

Hoovering or sweeping may be all you need to do on a daily basis.

Still, consider mopping up at least once a week using water and a gentle cleaning solution to remove any stubborn dirt.

It’s key to remember that as little water should be applied to the vinyl flooring as possible.

Simply add a little detergent to warm water and use it on sticky spots that will not come clean otherwise.

Additionally, don’t use the rough side of a scrubbing brush or scourer, and instead, opt for a soft cloth.

The best cleaning solution is five parts filtered water to one part white vinegar.

It is safe, effective, and extremely cheap.

If you opt for more traditional floor cleaners, ensure to rinse the chemical off after use.

Can You Use A Steam Mop On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Many people purchase a steam mop to effectively clean their tools.

But is it really an effective solution?

Most manufacturers actually advise against this cleaning system.

They warn that steamers force moisture into the floor, causing all the problems we’re trying to eradicate with our cleaning in the first place.

The glue can come loose, cause warped boards, or in a worst-case scenario, allow mould to grow.

However, not all experts agree.

Some advocate for the use of steam mops as they will use a great deal less water than traditional mops.

In this case, ensure to use the “hot” setting so the moisture will evaporate shortly after coming in contact with your vinyl flooring.

But the best advice is this: check with the manufacturer of your flooring for the best cleaning treatments.

The above is great general advice for cleaning vinyl planks as most are made in the same way, but not all are exactly alike.

By following their guidelines, you can ensure the warranty will still be valid.

Do I Need To Wax LVP Floors?

No, it is not needed.

Vinyl flooring technology has come a long way and wax can only add to your problems.

Sweep, mop, and you’re done!

Here are some additional tips on how to keep your vinyl floor pristine:

  • Clean frequently
  • Wipe up spills immediately
  • Use a vacuum with a high-quality HEPA filter
  • If you hire a cleaner, ensure to tell them what your flooring is made of and any instructions the manufacturer have you
  • Apply coasters or felt coverings to the legs of your furniture
  • Avoid harsh chemicals
  • Don’t wear shoes indoors
  • When installing your floor, buy extra planks in case some become damaged and need to be replaced.

For a free consultation on your vinyl flooring needs, call us now, or check out our vinyl flooring services page for more information.

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