How To Clean Tile Floors And Maintain It

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How To Clean Tile Floors in open plan kitchen and living room

How To Clean Tile Floors And Maintain It

Most homes have at least one room that has been fitted with tiles.

Cleaning and maintaining tiles might seem like a thankless task but it is actually a very simple process and doesn’t need to take forever to accomplish terrific results.

In this article, we will show you how to keep your tiles in as pristine a condition as they were when you first installed them.

Vacuum Tiles

Tile surfaces should be vacuumed or broomed on a daily basis to ensure no dust or dirt gets stuck in the grout.

This is the simplest and speediest way to ensure none of your tile surfaces ever become too dirty.

But here’s a tip: Never use a straw or wire broom to sweep it as there is a high chance it will scratch your tiles.

Mop Tiles

Once a week, douse your tiles with warm water.

Adding a little mild soap will improve the tiles’ shine, colour, and glossy appearance further.

Always check with the manufacturers to ensure any cleaning products you use on your tiles won’t cause permanent damage.

Also, ensure to dry the tiles properly after mopping so none of your rushing family members slips up.

This will also ensure no missed dirt and grime will seep into the grout while your back is turned.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

To reduce the odds of stains building up on your tile surfaces, make sure to use absorbent cloth.

Feel free to add a disinfectant to scour dirtier spills and stains.

In particular, eggs and raw meat may require more elbow grease to ensure dirt and bacteria don’t infiltrate your tiles.

Occasionally, a powerful cleaning chemical may inadvertently dull the colours of your tiles, so ensure to mop up once more after this cleaning stage is complete.

Use Doormats

One of the best places to stop dirt from affecting any of your home floors is not even in the home!

Place doormats outside each entrance to your home to remove any unnecessary dirt and grime from being traipsed inside due to poor weather.

Similarly, if your bathroom is fitted with tiles, put a mat there too.

This will prevent any dirt and dust that managed to infiltrate your home from entering the bathroom.

Add Area Rugs

Identify which areas of the house get the most foot traffic.

In these areas, place hard-wearing rugs that will absorb the worst of the wear and tear.

Deep Clean Floor Tiles

Now and then, ensure to give your tiles a good deep clean.

A common method is to mix a gallon of warm water with half a cup of white vinegar and use that mixture to scrub your floors.

This concoction is especially effective in kitchen areas but will work just as well in other rooms of the house.

If you suffered a bad grease spill, freshwater and dish detergent will do wonders in removing it.

Tile Grout Cleaner

You don’t need to purchase special cleaners to scrub out the grout.

You can make a perfectly good solution with simple household items.

Mix water and baking soda into a paste and spread it over the grout.

Leave it overnight and use an old toothbrush to scrub it clean.

When you’re finished cleaning, rinse it off with warm water.

Cleaning requires consistent effort but it will leave your tiles looking sparkling and as good as new.

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