How to Clean Laminate Floors And Maintain Its Appearance

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Clean Laminate Floors And Maintain Its Appearance bedroom

How to Clean Laminate Floors And Maintain Its Appearance

Laminate flooring has become massively popular in recent years due to its versatility, ease of maintenance, and durability.

It’s known for its clean appearance but it won’t remain that way without proper maintenance.

It’s all too easy for dirt to build up and incorrect cleaning chemicals can leave ugly residue across its surface.

Over time, this can make laminate flooring become aged and lifeless.

But don’t lose hope!

It’s still possible to return that perfect shine to your laminate flooring.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some useful tips on how to keep your floor looking clean for years to come.

Importance Of Regular Laminate Flooring Cleaning

You don’t need to spend countless hours cleaning if you follow the proper cleaning guidelines.

Always begin by sweeping or vacuuming, ensuring to always use the proper attachments, and avoiding the beater bar as it can scratch the surface.

It’s too easy to scratch laminate otherwise.

If you prefer to put in a little more elbow grease, you can use a microfibre mop to remove dirt.

Best Laminate Floor Cleaner

Occasionally while cleaning, you might discover a haze over the surface of the laminate floor.

This is caused by using the wrong cleaning chemicals.

Many homes are equipped with soap and oil-based cleaners, which can leave a film of residue.

It’s important to remove these layers to ensure they don’t have any lasting damage to your floors.

To do that, you need to use chemicals specially made for laminate floors.

If you don’t have the right chemical, it’s possible to make your own with diluted white vinegar.

Make sure not to drench the wood in water as it may damage the laminate.

Best Mops For Laminate Floors

When it comes to mopping, make sure to use the flat-headed kind and mop with the grain.

The laminate’s surface should shimmer with wetness but there shouldn’t be any puddles.

Avoid sponges and traditional string mops as they are known not to fully absorb moisture and will leave streak marks across the surface of your floor.

Best Broom For Laminate Floors

Sweeping is a crucial part of the cleaning process.

Make sure to do it at least every other day to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

This is especially important in parts of the house that see large amounts of traffic.

How To Clean Laminate Flooring Spills

Frequent mopping helps keep laminate floors in good condition and it only needs to be done once a week.

Here too, ensure to use products made exclusively for cleaning laminate boards and stay away from soap and oil-based products.

A good tip to avoid unnecessary dirt from being traipsed in from outside is to use a welcome doormat.

They prevent mud and moisture from needing to be cleaned up in the first place.

Another hint is to clean up spills the moment they occur.

Although laminate floors are very tough, they were not made to be damp and will warp and buckle over time.

Ensure to wipe up any spilt food with a soft cloth or towel.

There is a massive selection of laminate floor tiles available and it can easily get overwhelming.

Check out our laminate service page or call us directly for a free consultation and job appraisal.

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