How To Choose Flooring For New Homes

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wooden Flooring For New Home

How To Choose Flooring For New Homes

Usually, we don’t give our floors a second thought until it comes to having to replace it.

Even better, if you ever find yourself in the fortunate position to get to build your own house, you get to design and build the flooring for every room.

There are many options, which can sometimes make it seem disorientating when we need to make a decision.

The best method is to consider what the room will be used for and the foot traffic you expect it to be subjected to.

This will help you narrow down your options and give you a much better idea of the kind of flooring you should choose.

How To Choose Flooring For New Home Builds

There are multiple factors to consider when making a decision about the flooring we might want for our new home.

The decision we end up making will affect the appearance of each room, as well as its functionality.

Discover these factors below:

1. What’s your lifestyle?

Consider how you live your life or how you would like to live it when you finally move into your home.

What will your daily life look like — for you and for your entire family?

Do you have pets that track copious amounts of mud in from outside?

Do you have young kids who will spend a great deal of time on the floor?

How often will you invite friends and family over?

Answering these questions, as well as any others that spring to mind once you’ve answered them, will help you discern the kind of flooring best for your home.

For example, if you have naughty pets that bring in a great deal of dirt, natural wood flooring may not be the best option.

The same can be said for children who are frequently on the floor, so you may want to clean more often to ensure they have a clean surface to play on, so vinyl might be the better option.

2. What’s your decor?

Most of our customers come with many ideas for the kind of interior design they want for their home.

That includes colours, furniture, and anything else you plan on installing in your rooms.

Flooring is a part of your interior design and it is best to work off the ideas and concepts you already have fixed firmly in your mind.

Which flooring type will work best with these ideas?

All flooring types come with a vast array of beautiful designs.

Choosing one that compliments the rest of your design is crucial.

3. What’s your budget?

Cost is often the most important aspect of choosing a new floor for most customers.

We suggest you decide on what your budget will be before you head to your local carpet shop.

It is possible to spend a fortune if you don’t go in with the right mindset — and don’t forget to factor in aspects of fitting a floor that you may not have considered before: namely, installation costs, additional materials you might need, any finishes you will add to the flooring once it has been fitted, and of course, the actual flooring itself.

Best Flooring Types To Choose From

The beauty of building your own home is that your options are truly boundless.

In many pre-owned homes, you may have to pull up all the flooring or refit the subfloor before you can have the floor of your dreams.

Also consider how much time you want to spend cleaning and maintaining your new floors.

Once you have answer those questions, only now is it time for you to begin to look at your flooring options.

1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors have always been extremely popular.

They are elegant and sophisticated — mostly thanks to their natural look — but will require cleaning and maintenance.

The benefit is they can genuinely last a lifetime.

If you’re determined to have hardwood but don’t have the budget for it, then consider engineered wood.

Engineered hardwood is made by pressing several thin layers of wood together under intense pressure, creating a gorgeous and yet less expensive option to natural wood.

Hardwood flooring tends to be among the most expensive options, especially if you have it fitted in multiple rooms in your home.

Water damage is also a possibility, which makes it the worst possible choice for areas of the home where water flows frequently.

It’s also best used in rooms that will not see a great deal of foot traffic.

2. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in two distinct varieties: tiles and planks.

This is an important distinction because planks are often made to mimic wood flooring, while tiles mimic ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Vinyl is extremely affordable, easy to fit, and comes in a wide plethora of designs.

Vinyl flooring comes water-resistant as standard but there are 100% waterproof varieties ideal for wet rooms too.

3. Carpet Flooring

Are you looking for a warm and cosy atmosphere?

Then carpet is perfect for you!

It is the flooring of choice for many British homes and can create a comfortable space for relaxing.

It is also ideal for children who may fall and otherwise hurt themselves on the harder flooring options.

They absorb sound, deadening it to almost a whisper.

However, carpet requires regular maintenance to keep in good shape.

Steam cleaning every now and then may be necessary to work out the more stubborn stains that vacuuming won’t remove.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that carpet stains extremely easily, and if that is a primary concern, you may need to change your colour selection.

4. Tiles Flooring

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are the order of the day.

It is extremely easy to clean and comes in as many designs as you can imagine.

It’s the perfect option for rooms that see a great deal of water moisture and maintains its cool temperature — ideal for those extra hot days.

However, this coolness is not quite so welcome during the winter months when it is best advised to have rugs on hand.

5. Laminate Flooring

The image on laminate is often a photographed image that is then transferred onto layers that create a water-resistant and long-lasting floor.

There are many flooring designs available, ready to cater to whatever you need.

Despite its cheaper price tag, it does not compromise on quality.

We hope you enjoyed this article and will take advantage of our free consultation by calling us at any time.

Alternatively, check out our services pages for more details on what we offer.

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