How To Bring Carpet Back To Life

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How To improve Carpet and make it like new

How To Bring Carpet Back To Life

When your carpet sports snags, stains and lacks the texture it once had, it is easy to believe you may have to retire your carpet and replace it with a fresh one.

However, there are many things you can do to bring carpet back to life.

Read the article below for all the tips you need.

Carpet Shedding

A tatty carpet is most often caused by dragging heavy furniture across it or the constant tearing at it from a beloved pet’s sharp claws.

Many people tug at the loose fibres, thinking it will solve the problem, but it only ends up making it worse.

With snags, the easiest solution is also the best: snip at it with a pair of scissors.

How To Clean Carpet Stains

There are many home remedies for cleaning that get bad reps but there’s one we’ve used to great effect and we’re surprised it’s not discussed more!

Simply squirt some shaving cream (yes — shaving cream!) and leave it for 30 minutes.

Then blot at it with a dry cloth and you’ll see your stain is gone — this has worked with stains like grease, lipstick — you name it!

How To Make Carpet Fluffy Again

Have you ever heard of a carpet rake?

If not, it could well be your new best friend!

First, make sure your carpet isn’t the woven variety as raking it will cause more harm than good, and go to town!

We suggest raking towards yourself, in the opposite direction to the pile.

You’ll be amazed at the results!

Carpet Flattened By Feet

Flattened carpet is a very common carpet complaint we hear but we have you covered.

Simply add a little warm water to the matted area and blow-dry while you fluff the carpet at the same time with a wire brush.

Make sure the carpet is dry before you walk on it and you won’t believe the results!

How To Clean Carpets By Hand

Baking soda is known to help clean many areas of the home and carpets are no exception.

Not only will it clean your carpet but it will remove odours and even kill bacteria.

Add lots of it to your carpet and rub at it with a stiff brush in each direction.

Let the baking soda do its thing overnight and hoover it up the following morning to complete the regimen.

Break Out The Paintbrush

Sometimes, it’s not even the carpet’s fault for its ragged appearance.

Sometimes, non-matching paint colour on the walls can really show up a carpet’s weaknesses and make it seem dour in contrast.

Consider repainting your wall and letting your carpet do the shining for once!

Have you tried all of the above but still fail to bring your carpet back to life?

If so, we’re here to help.

Broadloom has over 20 years experience working with all varieties of carpet and we know that sometimes a carpet needs a professional’s touch.

Call us for a free consultation or check out our services page for more information on our carpeting fitting services.

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