How Do You Get Black Mold Out Of Carpet?

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How Do You Get Black Mould Out Of Carpet?

If windows are the eyes of a property, the carpet is its skin.

Carpet has the power to create an atmosphere in your home, and if that reason is one of the most important fittings your can have in your home.

It’s every home owner’s desire to keep their carpet as clean and fresh as it was on the day it was installed, but due to spillage, damage, moisture, and heavy traffic, carpets can’t help but fail in that impossible mission.

This invariably leads to microorganisms taking root in your carpet.

The worst is mould and mildew that tends to grow on the carpet’s base.

It’s very difficult to remove the mould once it has sunken its tendrils into your carpet, but here are some ways to overcome it.

What Causes Carpet Mould?

First of all, we need to identify the cause of our mouldy carpet.

Most of the time, it will be due to moisture, so if you don’t suffer from moisture right now, plan ahead and try to keep water at bay.

Still, moisture is not the only reason you might have mould.

Ensure That Humidity Is Low

Even if you discovered no dampness in the area of your carpet where the mould grows, there could be another reason mould has taken root:


Maintaining low levels of humidity will work wonders for ensuring mould never touches your carpet.

The ideal level? 60-65% is the best.

The easiest way to achieve this is to invest in a humidifier.

Keep Temperatures Low

High temperatures can also have an adverse effect on carpet.

Again, science can tell us the perfect temperature to aim for: 27 degrees.

Be aware of those warmer summer days and keep a close eye on your carpet.

Ensure That Your Carpet Is Clean

Where there are no mirco organisms, there can be no mould.

Try to keep your carpet as clean as possible – especially on those days when the temperature rises above 27 degrees.

You should aim to hoover at least once a week, and make sure not to use an old machine as this can sometimes make the problem worse.

Some carpets are easier to clean than others due to the material they’re made of.

Make sure to check with us when we install your carpet as to the best practices when it comes to cleaning your home.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that manmade fibres are more resistant to mould than natural ones.

If you have the funds, choose nylon or olefin over wool – unless you’re prepared to meet the humidity and temperature requirements above!

Follow these steps and you will enjoy mould-free carpet for its entire lifetime.

But we all slip up from time to time, so if you can’t remove the mould from your carpets, then fitting a new one might be what’s needed.

Check out our carpet service page or call us for more information!

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