Glazed Tiles And Unglazed Tiles. What’s The Difference?

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Glazed Tiles And Unglazed Tiles. What’s The Difference?

It might surprise you to learn the word “glazed” isn’t actually referring to a tile’s shininess or glossiness.

In actual fact, glaze is a substance rather than a description.

The word refers to the enamel coating that’s applied to almost all porcelain and ceramic tiles.

In the tile industry, most tiles are glazed.

There are two finishes available for tiles:

Glossy and matte.

What Does Unglazed Tiles Mean?

Clay is shaped and placed in a kiln, producing tiles.

When the glaze is applied to a tile, it is actually added before the tile is placed in the kiln.

While the tile is in the kiln, the glaze surface fuses to the tile.

If no glaze is applied, this is what we refer to as “unglazed”.

This is the only difference between how a glazed and unglazed tile is made.

Unglazed tiles have a natural, earthy appearance because of the mineral deposits but were present in the clay are visible throughout the entire tile.

Glazed tiles — due to the glassy coating applied to them — will resist moisture for the entirety of their life.

On the other hand, unglazed tiles are easily damaged without the protective sealant that’s later applied to them.

Unglazed floor tiles are often used in busy places that see a great deal of foot traffic.

Even when they’re worn down, the same colour shows through.

These tiles are extremely expensive, as their longevity is typically multiple decades or even centuries.

There is a way to turn a matte unglazed tile surface into a shinier, glossier one, and that is by polishing them with a powerful buffer.

So there you have it.

The two varieties of tile, glazed and unglazed.

Which one you prefer in various parts of your home is up to you.

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