Best Low Maintenance Flooring For A Busy Home

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Best Low Maintenance Flooring For A Busy Home

With a hectic home life, you often don’t have the time to clean a high-maintenance floor.

You want a beautiful but functional home.

Well, don’t fret.

We have some amazing ideas for the very best flooring for your needs — and they’re all low maintenance.

Check out our article below for more details.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is ideal for those who want homes that are stylish, classy, and yet very practical.

Engineered wood flooring combines the beauty of natural wood with the practicality of laminate flooring.

It also works with most rooms in the house, so it makes decision-making that much easier.

For the ultimate low maintenance option, ensure to select the lacquered finish that not only looks super stylish but helps protect your floor against spills and stains.

It requires brushing once per week, followed by a swift mop, and requires no additional treatment.

Bamboo Flooring

You may not have heard of it, but bamboo flooring is becoming very popular in recent years.

This is largely due to its hard-wearing nature.

The options come light and dark, leaving you with plenty of options.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is among the most popular flooring options out there — and for good reason.

It’s cost-effective, extremely reliable, and has a life expectancy of many years.

Thanks in part to its immense popularity, laminate flooring comes in a huge variety of finishes and colours.

You can go for a more classic wood look or a fancy tile effect or even parquet!

Installation doesn’t need to be a headache either as laminate is often quickly installed thanks to its click locking feature.

Many options also don’t require glueing.

The ability to quickly fit your floor helps with coping with the demands of a busy and frantic home life.

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