Best Kids Carpet For A Busy Family

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Best Kids Carpet For A Busy Family

Greasy fingers.

Spilled drinks.

Forgotten food left to get stomped between the wood floor panels.

With all the stains and smudges you’re probably wondering if you can have a nice new carpet fitted without it looking like this old carpet within five minutes of installation.

There’s good news on this front: Carpet is the best flooring option for the floors of most families and for good reason.

It adds warmth and confers style to any room it’s placed in.

It’s also far more durable than many other flooring options — for example, wood — and when kids trip and fall over and hurt themselves, carpet is always there to catch them, helping protect your kids from any injuries and bumps they might have along the way.

Carpet stands to help break the fall of young children unlike hard floors like wood, laminate or tiles that can only make the problem worse.

With so many issues that can befall a carpet in a family’s home, today in this article, we’ll be discussing some practical tips on how to increase the longevity of your carpet to keep it looking as fresh and bright as it was when you first bought it — before your little hellions turned up!

Carpet Preparation Ahead Of Time

If you’re thinking of replacing your carpet, bear in mind that new kids (or at least, new habits for them!) can’t be purchased so easily.

That’s why we suggest you think ahead when you consider how you’re going to install a new carpet in your home.

There are several things to consider when refurbishing your home with a fresh layer of carpet: how old are your kids? How active are they? Which room will you be decorating?

Ensure to do put in the necessary time to research the best type of carpet for you as well as the right colour, as well as the kind of activities your children like to take part in.

If you’re in any doubt at all, make sure to contact us so we can give you the best possible advice before you make your final decision.

Home Rules For Carpets

Think wisely about the best colour for your carpet.

If you expect few spills, feel free to go for white or lighter colours, but if you’re unsure, you can pick any colour you like if you also opt for Stainguard to help keep the fibres in the best possible condition to counteract those times when your kids suffer a spillage.

Either way, it’s best to lay down some ground rules for your kids about how you want them to behave in the room with the new carpet.

You might ban certain drinks in the room or insist on all shoes being removed at the front door — especially during those long winter months when mud is more likely to be trodden into the carpet and your home.

Whatever you decide, make sure you explain them clearly to your kids — after all, they can’t follow a rule if they don’t know about it!

Carpet Rules

Children are surprisingly insightful when it comes to detecting hypocrisy on any level.

What does that mean?

It means that when you set your rules, you have to make sure you follow them too.

Set an example for what you expect from your kids and they’ll be more likely to follow your rules.

Make behaviours a habit by repeating them each time the trigger presents itself — if you make it a rule not to traipse into the house with their shoes on, make sure to remove yours — and encourage them to do likewise — each time you return home.

If possible, turn it into a game and make it fun.

No one likes doing things that aren’t fun!

Child Accidents In The Home

Prepare yourself for when accidents happen!

And believe us when we say they will happen.

After the damage is done, there’s nothing you can do to reverse it, so act as fast as possible to counteract it.

Be proactive and research the kind of cleaning products you’ll need when such an accident rears its ugly head.

Do this before you even order your new carpet and keep the products close to hand when accidents happen.

Plan ahead to avoid any stress you might experience otherwise.

These simple plans can save you a fortune in needing to replace your entire carpet!

Playroom Rugs

Yes, we know — you’ve just bought and installed a new carpet and want to see it and show it off to your friends and family and feel it beneath your feet… but the easiest way to protect your carpet is purchasing a rug — or a series of them if you have large newly carpeted rooms.

The good news is the rug doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive — it just needs to cover the areas most likely to see the most damage — particularly around the doors or under tables where the legs might tear the carpet underneath.

And when your kids are grown up and less likely to damage the carpets? Well, now it’s fresh, as good as new!

Call us for a free consultation on your carpet needs or visit our services page for more information.

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