Best Flooring For Pets

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pet flooring vinyl with dog lying on floor

Best Flooring For Pets

The needs of a pet owner are often different to those of other customers.

Below you will find common problems owners face when looking for the best flooring for pets.


Stains are a constant issue for pet owners, which is why it’s good news that treating luxury carpets with Stainguard ensures even the softest fabrics can stand up to anything a pet can throw at it.


Pets can have a seriously detrimental effect on high-end carpets’ durability.

Advances in sophisticated production techniques allow your carpet to withstand this onslaught.

Best Carpet for Pets

Pets love nothing more than curling up and snoozing on a nice soft carpet.

If the floor belongs to anyone, it’s to your furry buddies!

In addition to being perfect for your pets to sleep on, they’re also non-slip surfaces that help to prevent them from slipping and sliding and hurting themselves, which can happen on hardwood floors or tiles.

Dense carpet also absorbs a lot of noise that might otherwise make your home less peaceful.

Of course, our pets also can make a great deal of noise and high-quality carpet can stifle barking, which your neighbours will thank you for.

Carpet also improves the health of you and your loved ones by capturing dust and trapping allergens until you have the time to hoover it up.

The Colour And Pattern Of Pet Rugs

Thinking ahead will enable you to make good carpet colour choices.

Many of our customers are surprised when we suggest the colours we do and laugh when we explain our reasons — the colour matches their pets’ hair so the entire home will look cleaner and tidier when their hair falls out across the floor, allowing your home to continue looking stylish and well-kept.

If your pet hair colour doesn’t go with the rest of your home or furniture, our next suggestion is patterned carpet as any loose hair won’t stand out so much and will be barely noticeable.

Luxury Carpet For Pets

A big no-no when it comes to choosing carpet to co-exist with your pets is shaggy carpets as they simply cannot resist digging into it.

At least that way, only your carpet will be damaged, whereas looped carpet types can actually result in harm to your pet if their paws get caught in them.

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a stylish home even if you do have pets.

With the significant improvements in hard-wearing materials and stain protection, your home is better equipped than ever before with regard to pet-produced damage.

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